I Saw a Butterfly today- Venos Tricon

This is a poem I wrote in 2007, I had just dropped out of College at Tennessee State University [Freshman Fall Semester 2006] and I was working to move to Canada to be with a woman I was devoutly in love with, and though I never got there, and we both have moved on in our lives… she still is in my heart and will forever will be. This poem tells a story… When I met Kayla, that semester at college, it was through a long time friend, who was living with her up in Thunder Bay, Ontario. for some random reason, I started calling her my butterfly, She was so shy and quirky it was adorable… but as our friendship and our love grew, with my encouragement [a few times misplaced] she came out of her shell, and I got to watch the evolution, when I started writing this…no idea what I wanted to say, I just wanted to express my love to her. Somehow, i saw a butterfly in my mind, I remembers times we’d talked, almost the exact conversations and the evolution of a butterfly from caterpillar to butterfly  just seemed to flow on to the paper… it wasn’t perfect the first time, a little rewriting here and there was needed, but below is the finished product.

Some ask where the name Venos Tricon came from, Honestly, it’s a role-playing character I created, “Prince Venus” Venos Tricon, ‘The Prince of Romance’. With all of the Love I put into this poem, it was a perfect name.

I saw a butterfly today
Small and green with no wings
Crawling into shadows
Hiding from a world who ignores its subtle beauty
Afraid to never be noticed…appreciated 

I saw a butterfly today
Camouflaged and shielded in self-made walls
Neglecting the world of its gentle touch
Afraid to be met with a forceful hand

 I saw a butterfly today
Wings new and fresh
Excited with exhilaration
Facing a world with new courage
Knowing it can not be harmed

I saw a butterfly today
Blue and gold streaked the sky
Embracing the sunlight’s rays
Fluttering around my head
Carrying my heart on her flight

I saw a butterfly today

You may be asking why I suddenly wish to post this and tell people the story behind it 5 years after I originally wrote it if she and I are not together. It’s a reason that surprises me, because I must humbly state that I never thought it was so great, but a few hours before I began writing this. I did a search to show someone I love deeply…NO!!! I was not going to convince her it’s about her, that would be ridiculous, she may love it but she’d not see how it could be about her…When I searched Google, the original Poetry site I posted it on [which I’m no longer sure of] was not the top of the list… There were blogs and even a jewelry site that had used my poem for some reason or another. I was grateful and if possible, I emailed them and thanked them. Still this isn’t enough for me to care enough to repost it.

Then..WHAT?!?!?! I came across a site for the Butterfly Basket Foundation, the website was in Dutch, so I was incapable of reading it, but I still found an email to send someone a thank you letter for using my poem… Exactly 39 minutes later a received a reply, and the message blew me away. I posted this Poem in early 2007, later that year a program to help children in Vietnam with severe/multiple developmental disabilities, was about to just give up… one lady in the organization, Angelique, also the woman who responded to me, found silk butterflies in a local market, and looked online to put the butterflies with a poem, my poem was chosen, and helped to name the Butterfly Basket Foundation, and has even inspired a person to contribute funds to progress the mission of this group. This project is still continuing to this day, and that first contributor has a copy of my poem and a picture of the first little girl to be given a silk butterfly, the child that inspired the program my poem gave a face to, framed on his wall.

I had to read the email a few times, and am fighting back tears of joy for what I read. I wrote this poem as a simple statement to a woman I loved, and 5 years later, I find out that my ‘simple statement’ is changing the lives of children in this world in a major way almost from the moment I published it. Any one that knows me knows I have a lot of experience working with physically and mentally disabled individuals, and I have a soft spot in my heart for the children afflicted with these things that makes co-existing with ‘normal’ people difficult if not impossible.

So this revelation, that my ‘simple statement’, one I’ve never been too fond of as a writing piece, is doing all of this, makes it, now, by far, the one piece I am most proud of. This poem will always mean to me, the purpose I wrote it for, ‘Kayla Atkinson, I love you.’ , but now, with this honor, I do not feel I deserve, it means to mean that some dreams do come true. I do not have any children of my own, and I do honestly hope, when I do, they do not have developmental disabilities, but I’ve always wanted to make a difference in someone’s life, to help them and improve their quality of life. Because of this poem, vicariously, I have done that through the Butterfly Basket Foundation. The only thing that will make this better for me, would be to see the children my ‘simple statement’ has affected.

I do intend to keep in touch with Angelique and get to know more about this program, one day maybe they will have room for me to make a trip to Vietnam with them, I did get my Passport in 2007, when trying to move to Canada, so anything is possible. Angelique said her and her team were honored to hear from me, I am the one that is most honored.

-Kerry B. Abercrombie a.k.a. ‘Prince Venus’ Venos Tricon



WWE Intro-Trailer, Raw Theme ‘Burn it to the Ground’ by Nickleback, with RAW Trailer. Raw is in the O2 Arena in London, England

Opening Match: WWE Title Match
CM Punk[c] vs Mark Henry
‘Cult of Personality’ Echos as CM Punk makes his way to the ring, with Mark Henry already standing in the ring. Cole reminds us it has been nearly a year since the WWE Championship changed hand on Raw. Recap 2 weeks ago with CM Punk’s Count out and the whiskey bottle assaults

Josh Introduces both competitors, and the bell sounds.both men circling, Collar and Elbow Tie up, Punk thrown into the corner, Henry head butts him and punk rolls around the ring to get a way. series of kicks from the Champion, and a slam stops that. Challenger sends the Champion out of the ring and follows, punk back in first and suicide dive out. Henry accepts a few kicks then sends punk staggering, slam into ring post, Punk deflects a blow and flies off the guard rail with a bulldog, kidney kicks follows up, then CM Punk attempts a head scissor take down but gets rammed into the guard rail.

Commercial break.

Return to both men back in the ring Henry wrenching on Punk’s neck before throwing him across the ring and stomps on him. Punk gets out and retrieves a steel chair, unloading on Mark Henry to put him down for a 2 count. Punk tries another chair shot and henry counters with a kick to the mid-section, then picks up the chair. Headshot to the Champion and loads the chair between the turnbuckles. Punk retaliates with  to punches and chops, going for something big, is met from Henry with a clothesline and a bear hug. elbow’s to the face breaks the hold, chop block and short DDT. Punk goes for a flying cross body and gets caught, slips from the world’s strongest slam, and counters with a high kick to the skull. Running Knee connects, but bulldog is deflected. Henry face first into the steel chair, and Punk capitalizes with a Steel Chair elbow drop from the top rope to retain the WWE Title.

Jericho appears on the tron from a bar setting, taunting CM Punk about the beer bath, then announces to the world that at Extreme Rules Jericho meets CM Punk in Chicago in a ‘Chicago Street Fight‘ CM Punk seems happy about that. Jericho shows footage of Punk going into a pub, which Punk explains to have been having a meal with friends, but Jericho has none of the ‘excuses’ to taunt Punk before cutting off.

King and Cole announce an interview with Brock Lesnar tonight where Brock explains why he targeted Cena.

Commercial break

We return to R Truth dressed as Sherlock Holmes and talking to an invisible ‘Jimmy Watson’ and telling Teddy Long he is going to find him job.

United States Title Match
Santino Marella[c] vs David Otunga
Santino walks out wearing a series of ‘wrong’ UK football polos for jeers, ending with the ‘proper’ polo. David Otunga makes his way down. Bell Sounds, Collar and Elbow tie up, Otunga takes control, quickly getting a few quick 2 counts. Otunga gets a 3 count but ref sees Santino on the ropes, Santino comes back while David argues with the Ref. Cobra strike and Santino Retains the United States Title.

Santino celebrates

Lord ‘Tensai’ interviews with Josh wearing a Japanese armor, and talking about fear

Brock interview promo

Commercial Break

Return with news that WrestleMania broke nearly every WWE Record in the book

Lesnar interview
‘I’m not a superstar, i am an ass kicker, I am Brock Lesnar, That’s it.
There is no one in WWE Past or Present that has my Accolades. Youngest 3x WWE Champion.
I go into UFC, people says ‘here is a kid that can’t do anything’ I climb that mountain
I come back to WWE, I didn’t miss walking through that curtain, the Fans…At the end of the day, I only care about me, This is Business.
We are all sick of John Cena, if I had been here the last 8 years, John Cena is the guy who would be carrying my bags, it’s not about what is running through his mind, but what is running down his leg, PISS.
This isn’t going to be a match, it’s and Extreme Rules Match, I go in there i am looking for utter Chaos, I’ve given Cena a taste and I hope he liked it because there is more to come”
Issue with playback caused me to miss the remainder of the interview

Zack Ryder vs Kane
Zack makes his way to the Ring, replaying the Chokeslam from the loading dock three months ago. Kane’s Music Hits and we go to Commercial break

Commercial Break

WWE Rewind: Orton Vs Mark Henry on smack Down-Kane jumps Randy and Cowboy Bob Orton

Kane stands in the ring and sets off the torches.Zack tries to get into the ring and takes a big boot and flies into the announce table, Kane takes the fight to Zack and destroys him before throwing him back into the ring, a Chokeslam and the ref refuses to start the match.

Kane with mic: What a joyful family reunion on Smack down Randy, you and your old man laying there together. I expected your old man to go down with out a fight, but who’d expect the viper to be so easy, but I guess it’s true what they say ‘Like Father Like son’

Kofi talking to AJ in the back, Daniels walks up and acts jealous, then renames the ‘LaBelle Lock’ the ‘Yes! Lock’ and begins a ‘YES! chant.

NEXT: John Cena lets the world know where his mind is at about Brock Lesnar

Commercial Break.

‘My Time is Now’ blasts as John Cena comes out as happy as he always is. Recap the brawl from last week between Cena and Lesnar.
Recap Cena defeating Otunga and Lesnar laying out John Cena.
Cena smiles watching the footage. Cena points out that Luaranaitis is in the background of every shot when he and Lesnar are face to face. Points out that at Wrestlemania, John Luaranaitis became the most powerful man in WWE, and John Luaranaitis doesn’t like John Cena, he feels he needs to Legitimize WWE by getting Brock Lesnar. After a year of building the public relations, the entertainment of this product, Brock Lesnar is here to destroy. John Cena has fears Brock Lesnar, but Cena will fight on April 29th. John Luaranaitis comes out promoting ‘people power’ and makes a match, an extreme rules match for Cena. Next Week, on a special 3 hour raw next monday, there will be a contract signing for Cena and Lesnar. We do not know the name of Cena’s Opponent for tonight.

Recap CM Punk Retaining WWE Championship tonight, and Chris Jericho announcing Chicago Street fight

NEXT: Kofi Kingston Vs Daniel Bryan

Commercial Break

Official Exteme Rules Theme ‘Adrenaline’ by Shinedown

R Truth comes from secret passage past a confused Hornswaggle

Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan
‘SOS’ plays for Kofi Kingston, Followed by Daniel Bryan’s Entrance. Bell sounds, a quick back and forth and Daniel taunts ‘YES’, taking a forearm strike  for his trouble. the two men go back and forth, after a knee to the stomach, Daniel got a 2 count, and Daniel takes over for a minute, Kofi counters a hammerlock with a cutter. taking over and moving the match outside as we go to commercial

Commercial Break

Lesnar Return Promo, Promo for the 3 hour Special and contract signing

Daniel is in control picking Kofi Kingston apart. AJ is watching on a monitor. 2 count for Bryan. Chinlock applied to Kofi. Kofi fights back, putting Daniel off-balance. Boom Drop, Misses trouble in Paradise, slips from ‘Yes!’ lock, and nails a perfect SOS, and 2 count. back and forth… Daniel attempts a superplex and falls, Kofi misses the flying cross body, and taps to the ‘Yes !’ Lock. AJ seems distantly happy for the victory, and Daniel applies another, luring Sheamus out to assist Kofi Kingston.

Tonight: Extreme Rules: John Cena vs Mystery Man

Commercial Break

SLAM of the WEEK: Triple Threat for the US Title, Brodus Clay saves Santino

‘Funkasaurous’ is introduced and ‘Somebody call my mama’ hits the PA System as he comes down with his beautiful backup dancers. Vickie comes out moaning like a dying cow to introduce Dolph Ziggler. “I am perfection” plays as Dolph approaches the ring accompanies by swagger. The match begins and ends abruptly, Vickie attempts to distracts Brodus and the dancers get in her face, Naomi shoves her on her ass.

Luaranaitis is telling David ‘the sky is the limit’ and Eve asks for his attention in his office

Memorial package for Chief Jay Strongbow, member of the First Class of WWE Hal of Fame. 1928-2012

Commercial Break

R Truth tells Teddy he has found a job as GM of Smack Down, he is a perfect candidate

Great Khali/Big Show vs Primo & Epico w/ Rosa Mendes
Khali makes his way to the ring, followed by the big show. Tag Team Champions approach the ring, Epico begins against Khali. ‘A.W.’ Abraham Washington watches the match from the top of the ramp. Primo switches out to get beat down, Rosa tries to pull her team out but Big Show throws them both in. Chokeslam and Punjabi Plunge, double cover, and the two giants dance in the middle of the ring.

WWE goes to Moscow, Russia for the first time in history.

NEXT: Extreme Rules: John Cena Vs Mystery Opponent

Commercial Break

Lesnar Return promo – 3 hour event contract signing promo

John Cena Vs
‘My time is Now’ introduces John Cena with the help of Justin. Mystery Opponent is announced as Lord Tensai by WWE General Manager with David Otunga.Tensai takes the beating to John Cena, Cena gets a moment to counter with a suplex, and Tensai stands straight up, taking the fight back to Cena with ruthless aggression. Cena escapes the ring and Lord Tensai follows. John gets only enough advantage to increase Tensai’s momentum until a Back drop creates some separation, Cena introduce’s the steel steps and tosses Tensai in, and the worshiper lays Cena out. David Otunga tosses him back in. Tensai once more taking dominance, setting up for a splash give John the breather he needs to come back again, but not for long. Senton back drop and armbar. Cena counters with a STF, Otunga in and ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT, Green mist from Tensai and a chokebomb makes Cena the loser of this match. Raw ends with Tensai Standing tall and Cena washing the mist from his eyes with a water bottle.

TNA: Lockdown PPV


Sorry, due to my schedule today I missed the first hour of  Lockdown. Will cover what I did Catch

TNA KO Title Match

Gail Kim[c] d. Velvet Sky via roll up pin.

Ric Flair calls Hogan out to the ring, blaming him for Eric Bischoff being put in the Lethal Lockdown match, and losing tonight.

Recap Crimson and Matt Morgan

Crimson vs Matt Morgan
Crimson tried to run for a minute or so, letting Morgan Take the advantage, back and forth well by about the 4 minute mark. Crimson hung up bt ropes and wall, Morgan tried a big boot a hung up, Crimson tries to get out the top and Morgan catches him to be crotched and tied in the ropes, leaving Crimson to climb out clean and remain undefeated

Recap Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy Vs Kurt Angle
Circling, Hardy clapping for energy, Kurt Angle runs up shoving him with a forearm, and taking advantage first, keeping a slow pace. Angel with and Irish Whip, HArdy counters speeding pace, until Angle hits a thumb to the eye, taking control once more. Angle throws Jeff around like a rag doll into the sides of the cage. Jeff is bleeding after raking his face across the cage links. Angle throws Jeff to the ropes and Hardy explodes back,  Clothesline, Jeff dominates, Whisper in the Wind and a 2 count for Jeff. Jeff slows down a bit letting Kurt  have it a moment just to counter into a Twist of Fate. Jeff goes up to the top rope, trying to get to the top of cage, Super-AngleSlam, Angle covers and 2 count. Kurt stomps Jeff down and tries to leave, Jeff stops and climbs up, and Jeff hits a splash from the ropes with a 2 count. Ref counts up to 8, Jeff tries leave, Angle gets an ankle lock, Jeff counters with an ankle lock, Angle out, Jeff with the Twist of Fate and 2 Swanton Bombs…2 count. Kurt  begging off jeff then face first into the cage and Angleslam, 2 count. straps down,  angle stalking, angle slam countered with an angle slam by hardy, and top of the cage….landing a picture perfect Swanton and a 3 count.
Jeff Hardy d. Kurt Angle via pinfall

Knockout Tag Championship
Eric Young & ODB ‘Young'[c] vs Sarita and Rosita
ODB opens with Sarita, and she manhandles both Sarita and Rosita until Eric Young loses his mind thinking he is the referee. ODB gets cut off, the Latinas teasing  EY with dancing. they distract themselves for ODB to hit the flask while getting personal with Eric,  and ODB gets the Pinfall on Rosita. the newlyweds celebrate making out on the mat.

Recap and interview leading into TNA World Title Match
Jeremy Borash interviews Bobby Roode. Roode talks about his intentions to take blood, and prove he is best wrestler today.

Total Nonstop Action World Heavyweight Title Match
Robert Roode[c] vs James Storm
Long Necks and RedNecks plays as ‘Cowboy’ James Storm drives into the arena in his own Pick up Truck.
Robert Roode walks in ominously, resembling Triple H in his intensity and demeanor.
Roode takes time walking around the ring and Cowboy takes the fight to him before the match officially begins, storm  introduces steel steps to Robert’s face. Spits beer into Robert’s face as they walk the perimeter of the ring area, Champion’s face into the announce table and Storm Elbows drops onto Roode. Roode into guard rail. Both Counter faces into Cage wall, and Roode gets thrown back into the guard Rails.
Robert tries to leave and James drags him right back. Steel chair by Storm, misses and storm gets busted oven. Roode spits beer into the open wound and takes over the beating around the ringside. Roode throws James into the cage with a crimson mask blinding the Cowboy. Robert stays on James with punches to the wound, rakes down the back, and choking on the rope.
Bobby shifts to wrestling with a body slam and knee drop. James Storm feeds off of the punishment as these two men trade soup bones and Bobby takes over again after taking a 2 count. Storm counters a few corner splashes with an elbow, and attempts to rush out, meeting a clothesline. The Champion rakes the Challenger’s face on the steel, and trash talks him in the corner some more.
Cowboy’s anger build’s and fuels him again, taking Roode by surprise, and unloads on Bobby in the corner, Irish whips here and here, back drop. Roode gets a moment to recover and climb to the Middle Rope, but gets thrown down. Storm goes for Eye of the storm, countered and Storm changes to a Catapult, and back to the Eye of the Storm…2 Count. James unloads on a Cut on the Champion’s face, double R spine Buster from Roode and both men take a moment to recover, Roode charges and misses, Face Buster[Codebreaker] from Storm followed by a back cracker and near fall.
James rakes Robert’s face on the wall, Roode counters with a back drop to the wall and tries to leave through the door. Storm pulls him back to be countered into a Fujiwara Armbar, Roll through, to pin attempt and into the rope break Roode Takes Storm up top rope, attempting a Superplex but James resists. Roode slams storms head into side and storm crumbles…Roode tries to climb out on Storm’s body and nearly escapes, but is dragged in by his hair. Back and forth head smashes into the fence on the top rope. Roode falls back and James starts to climb out but changes his mind and comes back, setting up for the last call… Roode drags referee Brian Hebner to catch the full superkick. Roode  walks to the door and demands a beer bottle, smashing it on James’ face….Earl comes in to count a pin…1…2…. KICK OUT!!!
James gets up and nails Last call out of no where…Roode stands between door and ropes…Super Kick sends TNA World Champion flying out of the cage to the floor to retain the Title… James walks out and picks the belt up looking at it then throwing it down before going into the audience to hug his wife as LockDown goes off the air.

Again my apologies for not covering the entire show.


The Disturbance that is Twilight

Everywhere you look there are hoards of females, ranging from 6 to 36, screaming they love and/or will marry One of either Robert Pattinson[Edward Cullen] or Taylor Lautner[Jacob Black]. This is a Fanatical obsession that is not healthy, but the media encourages it to make a profit off of the sickness of these women.

     But I want to take a moment and chronicle a few key points to the careers of these two men that lead them to the roles they play in the movie rendition of Stephanie Myers’ ‘Twilight‘ Saga. I know some of you may be wondering ‘how can these characters relate to the roles they had in the past?’

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WWE opens recapping last weeks break up of Daniel Bryan and AJ, announcing Bryan will be a Guest on Piper’s Pit tonight.

Lilian Garcia introduces Mean Gene Okerlund, who welcomes everyone to the event and introduces WWE World Champion, Sheamus. Sheamus apologizes for his actions against Ref. Chad Patton, and Laurentius comes out, demanding him apologize again, then announced Main Event: Tag match for tonight: Del Rio/Bryan vs Sheamus & Mean Gene

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