RAW 09 April 2012

This is not going to be a Play by Play, but soon I’ll begin doing so.

No, for my first Blog I want to Write about the present story lines, the order of the show and the significance of people.

World HeavyWeight Champion Story

This is a common story ‘I return from injury I’m taking the title’

The world title is the only thing that gives these two men, Sheamus[C] and Alberto Del Rio, any reason to talk to one another, and Del Rio talks too much as it is and doesn’t earn what he gets, it’s handed to him to please the mexican fans, which I understand, please a demographic so they will pay money, but give them a better alternative to root for, This ‘old money, i can run my mouth but i cant perform to my best’ is annoying…

Del Rio is unnecessary, and honestly, even if they keep him, make better use of Ricardo. Ricardo is Entertaining, Make him a side-show or something.

And give Sheamus a real person…Excellent match up in my opinion, since they are bringing people back, Have Finley Mentor Sheamus, then Turn on him for being sick of being over looked for any world title his whole career.

WWE Title Story

This is a new Twist that Only CM Punk could be the victim of. Introducing home and Family problems is nothing new in wrestling, Especially the WWE, but the cruelty and malice shown by Chris Jericho, the use of Whiskey[ Jack Daniel’s I believe], Trying to wrap the very view someone has of the world and their lives…No one has gone the extent that Jericho has to get into the mind and break the body of CM Punk.

I have one thing about this story line I’m puzzled about? why does this barely get ten minutes in the middle of the show, BUT John Cena, who is not in the WWE Title picture gets to Open and close Monday Night Raw?

Brock Lesnar‘s Return

Last Monday, when John Cena, invited The Rock out to the ring, he was answered by the surprising return of former WWE Champion,. IWGP Champion and UFC World Heavyweight Champion, Brock Lesnar. Lesnar hit John Cena with the ‘F5’ Flying DDT as RAW went off the air.

Fast forward one week, RAW opens to John Cena getting his teeth punched out for slapping Lesnar, and Ends with Lesnar dropping Cena with another F5.

This looks like a good feud, Brock has history in the WWE, and has made claims to carrying WWE and UFC. This is one man who has always brought an A game, earning that spot light and making it burn brighter. Some Might Argue ‘What has he done recently to be put against the face of the WWE, john Cena?’ That is just it, he only recently left Ultimate Fighting Championship to return to WWE, he has kept himself in Sport news, and this is a good change for Cena, He went from a man who broadcasts over a satellite saying ‘I BRING IT’  to a man who brought it straight across his mouth.

But…This story was pushed on the two most important slots of the night… OPEN and CLOSE…Time slots often used for the World Champion or WWE Champion to showboat or whine, vent about their upcoming opponent… but I do not see a CURRENT champion involved here… I see a man who WWE has pushed to a point of Transcending the WWE Title…John Cena, without a gradual fall, vanishing permanently is going to kill WWE faster than a Champion walking out with the title. WWE has made John Cena bigger than WWE, and in my opinion, kids that get excited about WHO they watch win… Fans that worry about the quality they watch, lose and for that, WWE fails…


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