The Disturbance that is Twilight

Everywhere you look there are hoards of females, ranging from 6 to 36, screaming they love and/or will marry One of either Robert Pattinson[Edward Cullen] or Taylor Lautner[Jacob Black]. This is a Fanatical obsession that is not healthy, but the media encourages it to make a profit off of the sickness of these women.

     But I want to take a moment and chronicle a few key points to the careers of these two men that lead them to the roles they play in the movie rendition of Stephanie Myers’ ‘Twilight‘ Saga. I know some of you may be wondering ‘how can these characters relate to the roles they had in the past?’

Robert Pattinson: Cedric Diggory vs. Edward Cullen 

Let us begin with Mr. Pattinson, in 2005, his first role anyone will remember him from, he played a significant role in Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, as Hogwarts Tri-Wizard Tournament Champion, Cedric
. In this Role, Pattinson played a quiet, determined young man with extraordinary power, that died at 17, and was loved by a special woman notably younger than him. This was the best part that Robert Pattinson ever played, in my personal opinion, because Robert Pattinson died. Skip up to year 2008, Robert returns the Silver screen in Twilight[Book I of the Twilight Saga] as the quiet, determined ‘young’ man with extraordinary power, named Edward Cullen, a Vampire that was changed  at the Age of 17. He was loved by and in love with a special-ed woman who was notably younger than himself by a far greater margin than before. For some reason I don’t thing calling this man a ‘Vegetarian Vampire’ is appropriate…can someone say ‘Pedophile Vampire’?

Taylor Lautner: Sharkboy vs Jacob Black

Taylor Lautner, a handsome man with a strong build and deep tan, had his first starring role at the age of 13, in a children’s movie known as ‘The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D’, Taylor played what most assume the be a 10-year-old boy who was raised by sharks, a figment of the imagination of a ten-year old boy…Skip up to 2008, Lautner becomes a Native American heart throb who answers to Jacob Black in the Vampire love story ‘Twilight’, A Native American of a Tribe is an affinity to wolves so strong many can shape shift into such creatures. Taylor is now the star of Fantasies and imaginations of 10-year-old girls all over the world and one can tell by his reactions in interviews to such statements that he enjoys being an object of desire for children too young to know what desire is, and if things weren’t bad enough, in the last movie/book of the Twilight Saga, Taylor’s Role of Jacob Black takes a sickening and dark twist as he is, I believed the word used in the book is, stamped on the soul of the infant child of Bella and Edward…He is the soul mate of an infant barely a week old. Once more we see a Twilight character turn into a pedophile, and we see the actor embracing this.

In conclusion, Stephanie Meyer wrote a story teenage and pre-teenage girls adore, and prove what they all want…they all want to be molested by grown men. Thank you Stephanie for corrupting the minds of out children. And thank you to the casting directors that prepared Robert and Taylor so well to become movie pedophiles, you have done the entire world a great service.


2 responses to “The Disturbance that is Twilight

  1. “In conclusion, Stephanie Meyer wrote a story teenage and pre-teenage girls adore, and prove what they all want…they all want to be molested by grown men.”

    I couldn’t have put it better myself.

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