WWE opens recapping last weeks break up of Daniel Bryan and AJ, announcing Bryan will be a Guest on Piper’s Pit tonight.

Lilian Garcia introduces Mean Gene Okerlund, who welcomes everyone to the event and introduces WWE World Champion, Sheamus. Sheamus apologizes for his actions against Ref. Chad Patton, and Laurentius comes out, demanding him apologize again, then announced Main Event: Tag match for tonight: Del Rio/Bryan vs Sheamus & Mean Gene


Recap: Orton d. Kane
Randy Orton Vs Mark Henry
The Match was Back and Forth for several minutes, then Randy was taking charge, Ring posts exploded to interrupt then match and kane appeared on the titantron. Kane told Randy that Randy was as Sadistic as him, then showed where he had laid out Randy’s Father, Cowboy Bob Orton. Randy took off to find him, and got beaten with a lead pipe by Kane.


Lillian introduces Jobber Benny Camer

Benny Camer vs Ryback
Benny tried to express his appreciation for being in WWE, hall of famers were betting on Ryback.
Ryback d. Camer in 20 seconds.

Heath Slater convinced Tyson Kidd to partner with him against Usos, and introduced Jimmy Hart as their Manager for the night


Plug : Dream Machine

Lillian introduces HArdcore Legend, Mick Foley as guest Commentator, Slater/Kid W/Hart, and Usos.

Usos vs Slater&Kidd w/Jimmy Hart
Foley Ran Hart out, distracting Slater and getting Usos the win.
Mr. Socko made out with the Mouth of the South.

Recap: Bryan Dumping AJ


Lilian introduces Rowdy Roddy Piper
Cole reminds everyone the last time Piper’s Pit was on SmackDown, was 6 years ago, same night Boogeyman bit Jillian Hall’s Mole off.

Piper recaps who Daniel Bryan is and the drama that has Bryan in the Pit. then replays the break up footage.

Piper introduces Bryan,

Bryan runs his mouth and announces that at Extreme Rules, Bryan gets his Rematch for the World Title at Extreme Rules in a 2 out of 3 falls match.

Piper introduces AJ

AJ calls Daniel a nice guy and takes the blame for his loss at Wrestlemania, and begs for Daniel back

Piper tells AJ, she is strong, smart, and she doesn’t need Daniel. Bryan tells AJ to leave.

she leaves, and Daniel tries to leave behind her. Piper stops Bryan, and busts his balls for the way he used AJ. then almost Thanks Daniel for giving him the chance to watch Sheamus kick his head off his shoulders twice…Daniel slaps Piper and runs…


Khali,Natalia and Alicia Fox vs Drew McIntyre and Bellas
Drew walks out and Alicia pins one of the Bellas
Mae Young comes out when the victors are on top of the stage, she kicks Khali and drops him to a knee then kisses him.

Plug New WWE.com


Amien defines ‘Sophisticated’

Recap Kane beating Randy

Raw Rebound: Brock Lesnar and Cena brawl

Mean Gene and Sheamus strategize for their Match


Hacksaw Jim Duggan Vs Hunico w/ Camacho

Double Team on Duggan brings Sgt. Slaughter  out and Duggan uses distraction to get DQ’d with 2×4 on Camacho, and .Sgt Cobra Clutches Hunico.


Cody Rhodes talks about the future, where he is Champion, big show doesn get lucky punches and Legends don’t steal spotlights.

American Dream, Dusty Rhodes, Father to Cody Rhodes, interrupts, an stands up for the legends

Cody tries to talk about family problems in the back because his father is embarrassing him.

Big Show comes out, shows Dream respect then shows an embarrassing Cody Rhodes Moment: Dashing Cody Rhodes applies Lip Gloss like a woman.

Dream dances.


Daniel is in the Ring, Lillian introduces Ricardo to introduce Alberto Del Rio, driving a 1960 Rolls Royce.

Lillian introduces Howard Finkle, to introduce Mean Gene and Sheamus

Sheamus[WHC] & Mean Gene Okerlund vs Alberto Del Rio & Daniel Bryan
Legends surrounded the ring, Daniel took a Brough Kick.
Sheamus & Mean Gene Okerlund d. Alberto Del Rio & Daniel Bryan
Legends picked apart Ricardo

Micheal Cole gets in the middle of the ring, to ask for a photo and insults the legends at the same time. the legends make him beg and apologize as SmackDown goes off air.


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