I am K-Ba, a 24 year old Incubus from Louisiana.

Incubus: A Male Demon, often taking the form of a Male Human, known to visit Women in their sleep and make love to them.
This demon feeds on the energy put off by those around him, Emotion giving energy it’s potency, power to fill his need, and Sex being the strongest form of energy.

I am a Juggalo, I have been swinging my Hatchet since I was 17. But Horrorcore isn’t my only musical tastes, I listen to everything from Metal to Rock, country, Hip Hop and R&B.

Wrestling is a Passion for me, I dream of being on, in TNA Wrestling or WWE, as well as running my own independent Wrestlign Promotion.

I was raised in a household without religion, though my parents always claimed being Christian, My parents found Christ at Esler Pentecostal Church in Esler Feild, Louisiana when I was 17, I found my own path at 19, I am Pagan and I worship the Goddess of Divine Retribution, Nemesis.


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