I Saw a Butterfly today- Venos Tricon

This is a poem I wrote in 2007, I had just dropped out of College at Tennessee State University [Freshman Fall Semester 2006] and I was working to move to Canada to be with a woman I was devoutly in love with, and though I never got there, and we both have moved on in our lives… she still is in my heart and will forever will be. This poem tells a story… When I met Kayla, that semester at college, it was through a long time friend, who was living with her up in Thunder Bay, Ontario. for some random reason, I started calling her my butterfly, She was so shy and quirky it was adorable… but as our friendship and our love grew, with my encouragement [a few times misplaced] she came out of her shell, and I got to watch the evolution, when I started writing this…no idea what I wanted to say, I just wanted to express my love to her. Somehow, i saw a butterfly in my mind, I remembers times we’d talked, almost the exact conversations and the evolution of a butterfly from caterpillar to butterfly  just seemed to flow on to the paper… it wasn’t perfect the first time, a little rewriting here and there was needed, but below is the finished product.

Some ask where the name Venos Tricon came from, Honestly, it’s a role-playing character I created, “Prince Venus” Venos Tricon, ‘The Prince of Romance’. With all of the Love I put into this poem, it was a perfect name.

I saw a butterfly today
Small and green with no wings
Crawling into shadows
Hiding from a world who ignores its subtle beauty
Afraid to never be noticed…appreciated 

I saw a butterfly today
Camouflaged and shielded in self-made walls
Neglecting the world of its gentle touch
Afraid to be met with a forceful hand

 I saw a butterfly today
Wings new and fresh
Excited with exhilaration
Facing a world with new courage
Knowing it can not be harmed

I saw a butterfly today
Blue and gold streaked the sky
Embracing the sunlight’s rays
Fluttering around my head
Carrying my heart on her flight

I saw a butterfly today

You may be asking why I suddenly wish to post this and tell people the story behind it 5 years after I originally wrote it if she and I are not together. It’s a reason that surprises me, because I must humbly state that I never thought it was so great, but a few hours before I began writing this. I did a search to show someone I love deeply…NO!!! I was not going to convince her it’s about her, that would be ridiculous, she may love it but she’d not see how it could be about her…When I searched Google, the original Poetry site I posted it on [which I’m no longer sure of] was not the top of the list… There were blogs and even a jewelry site that had used my poem for some reason or another. I was grateful and if possible, I emailed them and thanked them. Still this isn’t enough for me to care enough to repost it.

Then..WHAT?!?!?! I came across a site for the Butterfly Basket Foundation, the website was in Dutch, so I was incapable of reading it, but I still found an email to send someone a thank you letter for using my poem… Exactly 39 minutes later a received a reply, and the message blew me away. I posted this Poem in early 2007, later that year a program to help children in Vietnam with severe/multiple developmental disabilities, was about to just give up… one lady in the organization, Angelique, also the woman who responded to me, found silk butterflies in a local market, and looked online to put the butterflies with a poem, my poem was chosen, and helped to name the Butterfly Basket Foundation, and has even inspired a person to contribute funds to progress the mission of this group. This project is still continuing to this day, and that first contributor has a copy of my poem and a picture of the first little girl to be given a silk butterfly, the child that inspired the program my poem gave a face to, framed on his wall.

I had to read the email a few times, and am fighting back tears of joy for what I read. I wrote this poem as a simple statement to a woman I loved, and 5 years later, I find out that my ‘simple statement’ is changing the lives of children in this world in a major way almost from the moment I published it. Any one that knows me knows I have a lot of experience working with physically and mentally disabled individuals, and I have a soft spot in my heart for the children afflicted with these things that makes co-existing with ‘normal’ people difficult if not impossible.

So this revelation, that my ‘simple statement’, one I’ve never been too fond of as a writing piece, is doing all of this, makes it, now, by far, the one piece I am most proud of. This poem will always mean to me, the purpose I wrote it for, ‘Kayla Atkinson, I love you.’ , but now, with this honor, I do not feel I deserve, it means to mean that some dreams do come true. I do not have any children of my own, and I do honestly hope, when I do, they do not have developmental disabilities, but I’ve always wanted to make a difference in someone’s life, to help them and improve their quality of life. Because of this poem, vicariously, I have done that through the Butterfly Basket Foundation. The only thing that will make this better for me, would be to see the children my ‘simple statement’ has affected.

I do intend to keep in touch with Angelique and get to know more about this program, one day maybe they will have room for me to make a trip to Vietnam with them, I did get my Passport in 2007, when trying to move to Canada, so anything is possible. Angelique said her and her team were honored to hear from me, I am the one that is most honored.

-Kerry B. Abercrombie a.k.a. ‘Prince Venus’ Venos Tricon


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