TNA: Lockdown PPV


Sorry, due to my schedule today I missed the first hour of  Lockdown. Will cover what I did Catch

TNA KO Title Match

Gail Kim[c] d. Velvet Sky via roll up pin.

Ric Flair calls Hogan out to the ring, blaming him for Eric Bischoff being put in the Lethal Lockdown match, and losing tonight.

Recap Crimson and Matt Morgan

Crimson vs Matt Morgan
Crimson tried to run for a minute or so, letting Morgan Take the advantage, back and forth well by about the 4 minute mark. Crimson hung up bt ropes and wall, Morgan tried a big boot a hung up, Crimson tries to get out the top and Morgan catches him to be crotched and tied in the ropes, leaving Crimson to climb out clean and remain undefeated

Recap Kurt Angle and Jeff Hardy

Jeff Hardy Vs Kurt Angle
Circling, Hardy clapping for energy, Kurt Angle runs up shoving him with a forearm, and taking advantage first, keeping a slow pace. Angel with and Irish Whip, HArdy counters speeding pace, until Angle hits a thumb to the eye, taking control once more. Angle throws Jeff around like a rag doll into the sides of the cage. Jeff is bleeding after raking his face across the cage links. Angle throws Jeff to the ropes and Hardy explodes back,  Clothesline, Jeff dominates, Whisper in the Wind and a 2 count for Jeff. Jeff slows down a bit letting Kurt  have it a moment just to counter into a Twist of Fate. Jeff goes up to the top rope, trying to get to the top of cage, Super-AngleSlam, Angle covers and 2 count. Kurt stomps Jeff down and tries to leave, Jeff stops and climbs up, and Jeff hits a splash from the ropes with a 2 count. Ref counts up to 8, Jeff tries leave, Angle gets an ankle lock, Jeff counters with an ankle lock, Angle out, Jeff with the Twist of Fate and 2 Swanton Bombs…2 count. Kurt  begging off jeff then face first into the cage and Angleslam, 2 count. straps down,  angle stalking, angle slam countered with an angle slam by hardy, and top of the cage….landing a picture perfect Swanton and a 3 count.
Jeff Hardy d. Kurt Angle via pinfall

Knockout Tag Championship
Eric Young & ODB ‘Young'[c] vs Sarita and Rosita
ODB opens with Sarita, and she manhandles both Sarita and Rosita until Eric Young loses his mind thinking he is the referee. ODB gets cut off, the Latinas teasing  EY with dancing. they distract themselves for ODB to hit the flask while getting personal with Eric,  and ODB gets the Pinfall on Rosita. the newlyweds celebrate making out on the mat.

Recap and interview leading into TNA World Title Match
Jeremy Borash interviews Bobby Roode. Roode talks about his intentions to take blood, and prove he is best wrestler today.

Total Nonstop Action World Heavyweight Title Match
Robert Roode[c] vs James Storm
Long Necks and RedNecks plays as ‘Cowboy’ James Storm drives into the arena in his own Pick up Truck.
Robert Roode walks in ominously, resembling Triple H in his intensity and demeanor.
Roode takes time walking around the ring and Cowboy takes the fight to him before the match officially begins, storm  introduces steel steps to Robert’s face. Spits beer into Robert’s face as they walk the perimeter of the ring area, Champion’s face into the announce table and Storm Elbows drops onto Roode. Roode into guard rail. Both Counter faces into Cage wall, and Roode gets thrown back into the guard Rails.
Robert tries to leave and James drags him right back. Steel chair by Storm, misses and storm gets busted oven. Roode spits beer into the open wound and takes over the beating around the ringside. Roode throws James into the cage with a crimson mask blinding the Cowboy. Robert stays on James with punches to the wound, rakes down the back, and choking on the rope.
Bobby shifts to wrestling with a body slam and knee drop. James Storm feeds off of the punishment as these two men trade soup bones and Bobby takes over again after taking a 2 count. Storm counters a few corner splashes with an elbow, and attempts to rush out, meeting a clothesline. The Champion rakes the Challenger’s face on the steel, and trash talks him in the corner some more.
Cowboy’s anger build’s and fuels him again, taking Roode by surprise, and unloads on Bobby in the corner, Irish whips here and here, back drop. Roode gets a moment to recover and climb to the Middle Rope, but gets thrown down. Storm goes for Eye of the storm, countered and Storm changes to a Catapult, and back to the Eye of the Storm…2 Count. James unloads on a Cut on the Champion’s face, double R spine Buster from Roode and both men take a moment to recover, Roode charges and misses, Face Buster[Codebreaker] from Storm followed by a back cracker and near fall.
James rakes Robert’s face on the wall, Roode counters with a back drop to the wall and tries to leave through the door. Storm pulls him back to be countered into a Fujiwara Armbar, Roll through, to pin attempt and into the rope break Roode Takes Storm up top rope, attempting a Superplex but James resists. Roode slams storms head into side and storm crumbles…Roode tries to climb out on Storm’s body and nearly escapes, but is dragged in by his hair. Back and forth head smashes into the fence on the top rope. Roode falls back and James starts to climb out but changes his mind and comes back, setting up for the last call… Roode drags referee Brian Hebner to catch the full superkick. Roode  walks to the door and demands a beer bottle, smashing it on James’ face….Earl comes in to count a pin…1…2…. KICK OUT!!!
James gets up and nails Last call out of no where…Roode stands between door and ropes…Super Kick sends TNA World Champion flying out of the cage to the floor to retain the Title… James walks out and picks the belt up looking at it then throwing it down before going into the audience to hug his wife as LockDown goes off the air.

Again my apologies for not covering the entire show.